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Posted 28th June 2019

We were delighted to have reached the £6m mark in 2016. With your support we can reach the next milestone. Join today! 

St Teresa’s , St Cuthbert’s, St Benedict’s and Butterwick  have all received a contribution of £1.5m since the start of the Lottery.

An example of what this figure can provide is: 

4,050 nights in an In Patient Unit or 9,900 days in Day Care 

A big thanks to all our members, we really do appreciate your continued support. We look forward to achieving the next big milestone with your help.

It’s not all ‘one way’ and as well as making a vital contribution to a worthy local cause, lots of our supporters have been lucky winners over the years. 

A recent lucky winner from Sunderland was pleasantly suprised to hear she had won £1000 she said she will enjoy giving her family some treats.